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I have put the CD in the drive and nothing happens.
Normally the autostart will kick in and the installation menu displays. Some pc's are set with autostart disabled, if this has happened go to "My Computer" and double click the CD icon to start installation.

The installation appeared to work but had a message about a missing .dll file.
Close all other programs that are running and ensure that no copies of Microsoft Word or Outlook Express are open. Rerun the installation program.

I am using Word in microsoft Works and the toolbar will not install.
The installation CD tells you that the toolbar cannot be used with microsoft works. Sorry but only Office suites Office 97 and above are supported.

I am using Vista operating system and I am getting a warning box that tells me I do not have the necessary permissions to install the software.
You are not an administrator for your Pc, ask the administrator to install the program and select all users for availability.

The toolbar does not appear when I open "Word".
With "Word" open, go to "view", "toolbars" and tick French, German or Spanish as appropriate.

I do not want the toolbar to be seen when I am not using it.
With "Word" open, go to "view", "toolbars" and untick French, German or Spanish as appropriate, this will remove the toolbar from display.

My school has purchased the toolbar and we would like our students to be able to use it on their home machines.
Ask your school office to contact us and we may be able to arrange a download facility at a minimal cost for students who are able to quote a password that we will supply to the school.