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Select the language you want the toolbar to open with
you can change to any of the 30 available languages

Designed for use with Microsoft Office suite, Word, Open Office, most other programs and web based forms

French Go to French Accents Spanish Go to SpanishAccents Portuguese Go to Portuguese Accents
Bosnian Go to Bosnian Accents Czech Go to Czech Accents Danish Go to Danish Accents
Dutch Go to Dutch Accents Estonian Go to Estonian Accents Esperanto Go to Esperanto Accents
Finnish Go to Finnish Accents Gaelic Go to Gaelic Accents German Go to German Accents
Greek Go to Greek Alphabet Hebrew Go to Hebrew Alphabet Hungarian Go to Hungarian Accents
Icelandic Go to Icelandic Accents Irish Go to Irish Accents Italian Go to Italian Accents
Latvian Go to Latvian Accents Lithuanian Go to Lithuanian Accents Maltese Go to Maltese Accents
Norwegian Go to Norwegian Accents Old English Go to Old English Accents Pinyin Go to Pinyin Chinese Accents
Polish Go to Polish Accents Romanian Go to Romanian Accents Serbian Go to Serbian Accents
Slovak Go to Slovak Accents Swedish Go to Swedish Accents Turkish Go to Turkish Accents
All toolbars contain 30 languages and are set to load with the default country of your choice